Genuine Bajaj Spare Parts:
Ensuring Reliability and Performance

Explore our comprehensive range of genuine Bajaj spare parts, meticulously crafted to uphold the performance, reliability, and safety standards of your Bajaj vehicles. From critical components to routine maintenance parts, our inventory assures the authenticity and quality you expect, ensuring your Bajaj vehicle operates at its best.

Why Bajaj Genuine Spare Parts ?

Bajaj Genuine spare parts are distinguished in the market for their unmatched precision and compatibility. Each component undergoes meticulous testing and adheres to strict quality criteria, ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle. This commitment to precision ensures not only optimal performance but also enhances safety and extends the longevity of your vehicle, providing reassurance with every journey. Every part is crafted using premium materials and advanced precision machinery under Bajaj R&D supervision, guaranteeing the vehicle’s optimal performance and durability.


Kit Connecting Rod

Piston Assembly

Cylinder Block Piston

Crankshaft Assembly

Piston Assembly

Kit Valve

Kit Valve Repair

Cam Chain

Crank Case Bearing

Input Shaft Bearing Ball

Magneto & Cam Shaft Bearing 6003

Crankshaft Bearing 6304

Tensioner Assembly

Kit Plate Friction

Plate Clutch

Hub Clutch

Wheel Clutch

Clutch Assembly

Clutch Release Bearing

Seal Oil Fork

Cover Fork LH

Cover Fork RH

Rear Shock Absorber

Shaft Input (Modified)

Shaft Output (Modified)

Shaft Input

Bearing Needle

Gear Transmission Spur 2nd Input

Lever Comp. Change Shaft Sub Assly.

Damper Rubber

Kit Sprocket Chain

Chain Case

Coil Assembly - Excitor

Spark Plug

Shoe Brake (Rear)

Cable Throttle For TPS

Cable Throttle (Modified)

Cable Clutch (Modified)

Cable Brake With Inner

Cable Speedometer

Assembly Rocker Arm

Kit Ball Steel Steering

Drum Front

Carburettor Float

Element Filter Air (Old)

Element Filter Air (New)

Element Filter Air (New)

Element Oil Filter

Lever With Damper

Why Choose Bajaj Spare Parts ?


Bajaj spare parts guarantee top-notch quality, ensuring reliability and performance that align perfectly with your vehicle's standards.

Precision Engineering

Experience precision-engineered Bajaj spare parts, crafted to exact specifications for seamless integration and optimal performance.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Opt for Bajaj spare parts and secure authenticity, ensuring optimum performance and durability.

Longevity and Reliability

Choose Bajaj spare parts for their unmatched longevity and reliability, enhancing your vehicle's lifespan and value over time.