DAG Engine Oil

Experience the advantage of DAG engine oil, allowing you to extend your oil change intervals to once every 5000 kilometers. Enjoy fewer trips to the mechanic and more time on the road with DAG engine oil.

Advantages of using DAG Engine Oil

• 2X savings! Extended Oil Drain interval. 5000 km or once every month*
• Enhances Engine Durability
• Superior Lubrication for Optimum Engine Performance

*whichever occurs first


Why Choose DAG Lubricants ?

Performance Enhancement

Experience optimized engine performance and enhanced longevity with DAG Lubricants, designed to deliver superior protection and efficiency.


Trust DAG Lubricants for reliable engine protection against wear, corrosion, and friction, ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak performance.

Oil Change

Enjoy the convenience of extended oil change intervals of up to 5000 kilometers with DAG Lubricants, reducing maintenance frequency and downtime.

Economical Maintenance

Benefit from economical maintenance costs with DAG Lubricants, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance.