Factories & Showrooms

Precision Assembly and Streamlined Distribution

At DAG Industries, our commitment to excellence begins at our state-of-the-art plant, where innovation and precision converge. Established in Nigeria in 2005, our assembly unit stands as a testament to our dedication to quality. Manned by a professional team comprising individuals with diverse expertise, we’ve cultivated a work culture that values Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Total Quality Management (TQM). With an impressive production capacity exceeding one million motorcycles annually, our plant is the cornerstone of DAG’s market leadership in the Nigerian automobile Industry.

Strategically complementing our manufacturing prowess, DAG Industries has established warehousing and distribution facilities across Nigeria. These facilities serve as crucial hubs, ensuring the seamless availability of our products. Equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, our distribution points adhere to a rigorous pre-delivery inspection process, guaranteeing that each product meets the highest standards. Our warehousing strategy, coupled with efficient distribution, plays a pivotal role in our mission to provide exceptional products and maintain our standing as a trusted market leader. At DAG Industries, the fusion of engineered excellence in our plant and strategic distribution through warehouses forms the backbone of our success in serving the diverse needs of the Nigerian market.

Precision Manufacturing

DAG Industries ensures precision manufacturing with a capacity of over one million motorcycles annually, driven by a professional team and a commitment to TPM and TQM.

Strategic Warehousing & Distribution

Strategically positioned warehouses with advanced infrastructure and a meticulous inspection process contribute to DAG's market leadership in the Nigerian Motorcycle Industry.

Market Leadership Backbone

DAG's market leadership is sustained by the synergy of precision manufacturing and strategic distribution through a network of modern factories and well-equipped warehouses.


Revolutionizing Retail Experience
with Every Mile

Explore DAG Industries’ network of vibrant showrooms spread across Nigeria, each serving as a dynamic touchpoint for our ever-growing customer base. Our showrooms are more than just spaces to display motorcycles and tricycles; they are an embodiment of our commitment to an unparalleled retail experience. With an expanding footprint fuelled by growing sales, DAG’s new showrooms are strategically opening in locations across the country.

Motorcycle Manufacturing in Nigeria


Connecting Communities,
Powering Journeys

DAG Industries’ extensive network encompasses reliable dealerships, sales outlets, and service centers strategically positioned across Nigeria. Offering the most popular range of motorcycles, tricycles, genuine spare parts, tyres, lubricants and unwavering after-sales service, our network is backed by a dedicated team of professional engineers, authorized service stations, and DAG’s own service center. Whether you are a customer seeking top-notch products or a business looking for a trustworthy partner, our network ensures accessibility and support. At DAG, we are committed to providing genuine spare parts, accessories, and unfailing support, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted name in the Nigerian Automobile Industry