7 Tools You Should Always Carry while going on a Long Ride

Every motorcycle manufacturer packs a small set of tools with every bike. Though useful, these tools are basic and can help you fix minute problems like tightening a bolt or two, but nothing that can help you in urgent situations.

For riders who are often on open roads for a long duration, having a few specific tools can help them avoid the worst of situations.

Many times, due to the location being remote, you cannot find a decent garage or a mechanic to handle all your repairs. What then? You need to be prepared to face such a problem.

Don't worry, in this article, we will help you identify 7 tools you should always carry while going on a long ride.

What Are The 7 Tools You Should Always Carry While Going On A Long Ride?

  1. Electrical Tape -

    The wiring issue is one of the most commonly occurring problems when it comes to motorcycles. Electrical Tape is one of the basic and utmost important tools you can keep in your kit.

    It helps make quick and easy fixes when no garage or mechanic is nearby. As it is not a permanent fix, you have to keep checking if it is still functioning.

  2. Locking Pliers -

    This tool is as handy and useful as it gets. You can get a wrench, but there are dozens of different sizes, and you can't carry them all in your kit.

    Locking pliers are similar to wrenches, but better. It can be adjusted to the size of the bolt giving you the flexibility to make repairs on the move.

  3. Multibit Screwdriver -

    Say you wanted to check your brake fluid, you will need help opening the compartment. In such cases, a multibit screwdriver is your friend.

    It saves space and is just as strong and useful as individual screwdrivers. You can multitask with this handy tool and change from one screw head to another in seconds.

  4. Allen Key and Torx Bits -

    Many manufacturers nowadays are replacing the traditional screw and bolt with Allen and Torx-type bits.

    You have to check your bike for the type of bolts and screws used in the bike. This is much better as Allen Key and Torx bits won't take much of your space and help you pack light.

  5. Puncture Repair Kit -

    We can't express how important this kit is. Suppose you are on a bad road and your tyre punctures; this compact kit will help you fix your tyre in no time.

    However, this will still be a temporary fix, and we would recommend you find a repair shop quicker and get your tyre changed.

  6. Flashlight -

    Basics of the basics, a flashlight or headlamp greatly helps you when riding in the dark or taking a pit stop. Even while repairing in the dark, having a headlamp helps you greatly.

  7. Multi-tool -

    Why carry each individual tool when you can carry them all in one single compact casing? If you have seen a Swiss Army, you know what we are talking about. It has almost all the essentials you need to make small and quick repairs.

    Of course, you will still need to carry some of the other big tools and individual kits mentioned above.

  8. Bonus - First Aid Kit -

    Many of you would carry a patch or two while going on long distant journeys. But if you don't, it is better that you start.

    You can't expect medical attention at remote locations away from any settlements. That's when a first aid kit comes into play. You can at least stop the bleeding and administer some antibiotics even when seriously injured.


A little vigilance on the road can help avoid the worst of the worst situations. Whenever you are on long rides, always ensure that you have all the tools mentioned above with you so that you are never left stranding.

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