7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

The excitement of getting your first motorcycle is often paired with some form of regret. You may regret not purchasing the add-on accessories, or you may regret buying that particular model.

Why wait for such regrets to hit you when you can easily avoid such a situation? In this article, we will be covering 7 tips that will help you in buying your first motorcycle.

Before we jump into any specifics, let's first understand the need for so much research before buying your first motorcycle.

For many of us, a bike is more of a necessity than a luxury. So doing proper research and keeping specific points in mind definitely helps in making the right decision, which results in a happy and fulfilled purchase with zero regrets.

What are some tips you should keep in mind before buying your first motorcycle?

  1. Make yourself familiar with the different kinds of bikes

    There are many types of bikes available in the market, each with a different function and purpose in mind.

    You must first define your need for it and then, based on that, decide on the type of bike that suits your need the best.

    • Sports Bike - We all dream of having a sports bike. They have raw power and are a bit wild. This is not an ideal pick for new riders.
    • Cruisers - When someone thinks of a bike, an image that forms in their head is probably of a cruiser-style motorcycle. They are not as speedy as sports bikes and are a bit heavier.
    • Naked Bike - A perfect machine for new riders, naked bikes are a cross of a sports bike and a cruiser. They have the power of a sports bike and the comfort of a cruiser.
    • Cafe Racers - Cafe Racers are small compact machines with sleek and beautiful design. They are perfect for day-to-day use and can slip past even in heavy traffic.
    • Touring Bike - These are specifically designed for people who love the open road and are always on long journeys. They are very bulky and won't be an ideal fit for new riders as there is a learning curve to riding this type of motorcycle.
    • Off-Road Bike - These bikes are made for the purpose of travelling on gravel and dirt roads. They sport a tall ground clearance with sturdy suspension and grippy tyres.
    • Adventure Bike - For adventure enthusiasts, this is the perfect motorcycle. It is the perfect cross between an off-road and a regular motorcycle.
  2. Where will you be riding?

    Now that you have identified the type of bike you need, the next step is to identify the place you will be riding at.

    You need to have a clear idea of your commute and identify the type of road or the place where you will be riding your motorcycle.

    If you are a corporate employee, the best choice for you would be a cafe racer or a naked bike, as it can be best on highways and can help you slip past traffic.

    Whereas, if you are someone who lives a pretty adventurous life, a tourer or adventure bike would be the perfect fit.

    Do A Little Research

    A little research didn't harm anyone. Having certain facts and knowledge would really help you in your decision-making process.

    It will help you narrow down the list of bikes that would be perfect for you.

    Look up reviews, check pricing for all the different models and talk with people who already own a motorcycle and take some advice from them.

    Make Sure the Motorcycle is Comfortable

    Comfort should be at the core of your purchase decision. You are going to spend hours sitting on it, so it's best you find a bike with a stance and sitting position that suits you.

    If the riding position gives you a backache, it is not the ideal bike for you.

    Not just the riding position; even your suspension should be able to absorb shocks efficiently. The bike shouldn't be too heavy for you to handle.

    Small Bikes are Better

    For new riders, it is recommended that they buy a bike that is small and doesn't weigh much.

    It helps you develop the skills and techniques necessary to ride any bike comfortably and easily. As they are not heavy, they help you move easily and help build your confidence.

    Get All The Paperwork Done

    Paperwork is a headache that you should get rid of at the earliest. Make sure you are getting and submitting all the required documents.

    Ask questions to the seller if you feel like something is off. Check if the VIN number matches the one on the motorcycle.

    If you are unsure of the bike or the seller, go down to the DMV and confirm with them if at all the bike is marked stolen. Get a signed receipt of purchase and bill to authenticate your purchase.

    Buy Safety Gear

    The number one concern with riding a motorcycle is safety.

    In Nigeria, 211 deaths were reported due to motorcycle accidents last year. Please make sure you are buying all your safety gear like a helmet, knee pads, riding gloves, goggles, jacket, and boots.

    It is better to buy all this gear from the bike seller themselves as they would have quality products that would help you protect yourself in case of an accident.

Where should you start?

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